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Siegfried Rupp, Professional Photographer

Siegfried Rupp, aka Ziggy, was born in Berlin, Germany, on October 19, 1940, during a time that will live in infamy. His first exposure to Americans came when two GI’s dropped a few ice-cream sandwiches, enough for each one of the children playing in the sand lot. Running home with all the ice- cream and followed by the “urchins,” Ziggy explained to his mother he attempted to return what the soldiers had dropped, but, was “shooed” away by the GI’s. His mother suggested, “I guess you guys better eat them up before they melt.” His second exposure that same week was to peanut butter, something he would not taste again until 1962 when he came to the United States. In 1947, his one surviving parent and he were repatriated to Brazil, where he grew up and got himself in his share of creative mischief.

Ziggy built his first “Pin Hole” camera at the age of seven, with the help of one of his uncles and his avocation was set. Unfortunately, none of the early photos survive. In 1962, Ziggy came to the United States to study at Baylor University in Waco, Texas and fell in love with the earth. He received a BS in Science-Geology and has the distinction to having the first "Undergraduate Thesis" published as part of “The Greater Waco Urban Geology Series,” and of course, having access to a photo lab and encouraged by professors, photography blossomed. Ziggy also traveled extensively over the western US, taking 35mm slides, which were sold to calendar companies to complement the financing of his studies.

Today after a whirlwind life in this country and abroad, he now is semi retired, and works part time as a chaplain for several nursing homes. With renewed determination and new equipment, he has revived his avocation by portraying historic places in SW Florida and wherever the eye catches a glimpse of the beautiful, unique, and historic points of interest.

Digital photography is a far cry of the old "Calumet" camera, used for the Geology Department publications, where he was a Cartographer and opened new horizons for exploration. His aim is to portray the world as seen through the eye of the camera, and preserve the moment for the future without any embellishments or enhancements.

Enjoy the captured moments.


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